Corporate Information

CAPEX-WORLD CORP (CAPEX) is an international business development, profit oriented organization. CAPEX was duly incorporated on April 15, 2015 in Calgary under Alberta's provincial Corporate Act and the Federal Law of Canada. 

The name CAPEX is derived from three primary concepts part of what we have been successfully doing in the past two decades; Capital management, Exit Strategies and Exsito (Success in Latin) and from our philosophy to invest in synergistic ventures, premium resources and expertise to maintain competitiveness.

CAPEX's business began in November 2014 through a friendly takeover of an 8 year active, positive cash flow driven business which also considered valuable operating assets such as a growing client base, professional management team, advisers with proven track records and a broad group of powerful affiliates - all with completing and augmenting qualities.

Directly and or through affiliates, we work closely and in good faith with one another and with clients to develop their business by providing world class consulting, management coaching, negotiation and or other representation services. At all times CAPEX operates as an independent contractor and in accordance with the CAPEX Standard Consulting Agreement.  

As part of our culture and as an important ingredient for developing competitive advantage, CAPEX maintains its Corporation in good standing at all times and operates its business under high practices of corporate governance. All database, corporate records and operating assets are genuine and accessible. As part of doing business with us should you require additional information on CAPEX World Corp please contact us.

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