Global Network & Affiliates

The CAPEX Global network consists of prominent corporations and individuals who are active in a broad range of industries and sectors, both private and public (the Affiliates). Each Affiliate has a value, whether it is a quality, authority, service, and or product that may be useful for our clients or vice verse.  We refer to this as a Synergistic Opportunity.

When a Synergistic Opportunity presents itself, CAPEX first explores the opportunity with the parties involved separately and upon expressed interest and formal request, CAPEX assists the parties to communicate, determine and establish the most beneficial business arrangement, in writing, between them with the objective to materialize opportunity and maximize value.

CAPEX's contribution goes far beyond a technical introduction and is based on our more than 25 years of experience in implementing ventures around the world. CAPEX develops a unique sensitivity to identify micro and macro changes and the skill to adjust such arrangements on the go to reach perfection all in an amicable and beneficial manner for all parties.

CAPEX provides this networking service to its clients as a complimentary benefit as part of doing business with us. Unless expressly disclosed in writing CAPEX does not charge any monetary fee for these introductions as we are compensated from the inherit benefit for our clients and affiliates success.

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