Corporate Social Responsibility

At CAPEX, we strive to facilitate real, positive change for those that are less fortunate and share our same morals and ideals. We encourage participation regardless of race, religion, gender or political views to make a difference in the lives of others.

In our opinion, there are outstanding benefits for future operations in collaborating with clients, affiliates, communities, governments and nonprofit organizations to support people in their communities while participating in the effort to minimize the human footprint by increasing awareness and making the most out of innovative technologies.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) principles are part of the CAPEX strategy to improve risk management, branding and create favorable relations with the investment community. CSR also improves our creation of innovative and proactive solutions for societal and environmental challenges.

Our attention is dedicated to activities that (1) better equip individuals to be self-sustaining and positive contributors to their communities, (2) facilitate people in need with basic products and services relating to alimenting, health, education, hospitality and others that are key to minimizing health problems, improving dignity, security and happiness and (3) create a decent and productive workplace and opportunity.

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