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Publication Date: August 1 2015

Subject Matter: Social Responsibility – Empowering People 

Calgary, AB, Canada – CAPEX WORLD CORP ("CAPEX") announced today that it has begun its first program under its Corporate Social Responsibility “CSR” activities (the “Program”). Though this Program we assist individuals that are less fortunate (“Member”) to complete their education and obtain the skills that are necessary for them to become independent contributing citizens to their families, friends and society.

CAPEX directly and or though its affiliates may deliver this assistance in a form of a provision of books, computers, uniforms, partial and or full tuition fees, advice, a place to study and or in any other form as CAPEX believes to be appropriate all under a personalized agreement with each Member apart (“Personal Package”). Each Personal Package is designed to accommodate the special needs of each Member and is determined though a process that involves the Member, his supporting system if any and or professionals.

To become a Member, individuals must convince CAPEX that first they are determined to invest in themselves to make the most from the Program to achieve the goals subject matter of the Program and second that they are willing and committed to help others. During the Program, Members must achieve predetermined goals, will not participate in any criminal and or terror related activities and must assist at least one other person in any way, shape and or form that such Member thinks relevant which first must be presented and accepted by CAPEX periodically.

CAPEX is backing this Program from in house resources and or from third party contributions, which as of today are not tax exempt. As the program grows we will work with applicable authorities to recognize the Program for collaboration and tax benefit purposes in order to realize more capital for the Members. We hope to leverage on this Program to create an international growing group of activists, which include but is not limited to Members of the Program and its founders to promote the Program’s goals, peace, unity and synergetic cross international collaboration.

I congratulate the Members for their commitment and thank them for allowing us to contribute and be part of their lives particularly with respect to this constructive endeavor. In the same manner I congratulate all of the Program’s participants for whom they are, and for your proven social responsibility related actions, disposability, kind contribution and global vision.

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for and on behalf of
Daniel Portnoy
President & CEO
Calgary, AB Canada