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Publication Date: February 1 2016

Subject Matter: Sustainability & Planning - Proven Performance  

Calgary, AB, Canada – CAPEX-WORLD Corp ("CAPEX") announced today that it has successfully empowered one of the most important high-end hotels in Tulum; Riviera Maya (the “Client” and or “Hotel”) to purchase a sustainable turn key water treatment and preservation systems to operate 30 pools located across approximately 9 Hectares in a remote area with an option to increase capacity to up to 115 pools on a step by step basis in a simple and cost effective manner (the  “Facility”). 

The objectives for this mission were (1) Enhance guest’s experience, positioning and branding, (2) achieve an operating-cost-reduction of up to 70% on this category, (3) produce and preserve water and energy and (4) significantly minimize the Human Foot print for the benefit of present and future generations. Throughout an implementation process that began three weeks ago, this Facility consists of three augmenting and completing phases as follows: 

While enhancing water quality our immediate goals are to decrease fresh-water consumption by up to 90%, reduce the use of chemicals by up to 30% and manpower/logistics by up to 50%. The Hotel will adapt the following conceptual correction; As opposed to the treatment-method that was previously utilized which required a complete water-replacement approximately every 7 days in order to sustain acceptable water-quality levels in each and every pool, the new Facility requires virtually zero water-replacement, only to top up the evaporated water. In this region the evaporated water may vary from pool to pool based upon the exposure to the sun and weather conditions, which evaporation ratio can reach up to 25% a month. 

With the objective to minimize the amount of chemicals vaporizing into the atmosphere from these pools and along with the qualities of phase 1 to minimize the contamination of the aquifer, in the next phase the Hotel will add Ozone based Component to the Facility (the “Component”). This Component through a very efficient process cleans the water with Ozone and by doing so decreases the amount of Chemicals necessary to sustain pool-water-quality by up to another 50%. 

In the third phase the hotel plans to further reduce cost and Carbon Dioxide emissions by replacing carbon based energy that is necessary to power the pumps and lights with clean renewable energy.  By doing so, the Client eliminates hundreds of trucks annually that were necessary to transfer thousands of cubic Meters of water to the pools using the traditional method in this region due to the lack of amenities. 

With this Facility, the Hotel will save up to MEX $2,832,257.00 annually with an average total daily operating cost before amortization of up to MEX $130.00 per pool versus the approximate MEX $389.00, old method only to operate these initial 30 pools.  Accordingly, the Hotel plans to leverage on the accelerated Return on Investment (*less than 6 months) and on the accumulated savings resulting from Phase 1 to pay for Phase 2 and 3 in less than one year. This together with a contractual one-year finance at 0% interest will enable the Client to carry out this project with minimal in-house investment. 

CAPEX took a lead position in this endeavor by assisting the Hotel to determine objectives, evaluate different technologies, contact and negotiate with multiple providers, perform due-diligence and identify what is the most beneficial combination of the different technologies and providers considering cost, energy production, risk, sustainability and other.  Additionally, CAPEX contributed creative models and avenues for finance, sustained corporate governance, effectiveness, performance and how to guarantee this facility’s performance. On top of that we were heavily involved in the preparation of all legal documents and the appropriate closing and agreement execution by all parties’ legal representatives. 

We are very pleased as this project fits perfectly with the spirit of our core values and Social Responsibility Strategy. Accordingly, we use our influence, expertise and global-network to minimize the human footprint by encouraging our Client and some respective Affiliates to put proven effective green technologies and methods to work.

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for and on behalf of
Daniel Portnoy
President & CEO
Calgary, AB Canada