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Publication Date: May 15 2016

Subject Matter: Healthcare & Negotiation - Proven Performance 

Calgary, AB, Canada – CAPEX-WORLD Corp ("CAPEX") announced today that it has successfully empowered one of its clients  (the “Client”) to execute a joint venture agreement (the “Agreement”) with a prominent international Canadian based research, development and branding Corporation. Under the scope of this Agreement the Parties agree to develop branded micro-service centers across Mexico to provide athletes, executives and other customers with enhanced vitamin based treatments and or with other world class anti-aging integrative services and or products directly and or though pre-qualified affiliates. 

Under this Agreement the Parties will attend to an increasing demand in the market for reliable services and or products that make you feel better, look better, prevent disease and improve quality of life using user specific proven methods that can be taken in a short period of time and achieve positive and lasting results. 

For example, their 40-minute IV Treatment enables its consumers to top up their nutritional reserves (the “Vitamin Drip Treatment”). This treatment corrects low levels of minerals, electrolytes and or proteins that are necessary for optimal health. When a shortage of these exists in the human body, it presents a negative impact on the immune system, energy level and our body’s general performance.      

The initial micro-service center started to operate on May 4, 2016 in a facility that was strategically selected at a premium ocean side location in the Tulum, Mexico high-end hotel zone where top executives, models, artists and other world class influencers visit (the “Facility”). This Facility has the capacity to provide up to 40 daily treatments, which is equivalent to approximately US $8,000.00 IN revenue per day not considering other offered treatments. This Facility was also equipped to enable the capacitation of new teams for the operation of new micro-service centers, will also host business development activities and will be the place to test new products and or services. 

Both the Client and and the Canadian corporation have access and are part of quality networks comprised of groups of high-value individuals who are part of a global trend that frequently use these types of products. Accordingly, the Parties are determined to use this Tulum Facility to incorporate the manuals, procedures, and or tools on how best to operate this type of center in Mexico with the objective to grow by up to another 10 centers on or before December 31, 2016. 

Upon a successful pilot i.e. 10 efficient operating centers, the Parties have expressed their intention to jointly prepare the legal, operating, financial and other infrastructure necessary to expend to other countries during 2017 through an international development strategy and network that will be suggested by CAPEX and or potential affiliates such as Merrill Lynch, PricewaterhouseCoopers and or others. 

CAPEX’s Advisors took a lead position in this endeavor by empowering the Client to earn this business among other prominent and capable parties that competed for the same contract and moving forward, most of the other parties will most probably become clients and or affiliates of the Client in this regard.  Managing the negotiations, applying different tactics and strategies, identifying synergy, overcoming obstacles and preparing multiple offers are only some of the activities performed by CAPEX’s advisors while always operating under high practices of corporate governance and within the legal framework of this business. 

Working with these parties has been very enriching as this enables us to learn from these Parties, as we believe they are experts with proven track records in branding and positioning on a global scale. At the same time, this venture will enable us to demonstrate our strength in international development across our public and private networks.   You can find additional information on this venture at

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Daniel Portnoy
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Calgary, AB Canada